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Curriculum vitae

Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics

University of Tartu

Jakobi 2-431, 51005 Tartu

interests 🧠

furry friends 🐈‍⬛

Since early 2020 my one-man team expanded with the addition of a personal research assistant - Kismet. A few months before I adopted her from a local cat shelter, she was rescued from a colony. As a black cat, she has been anything but bad luck. I owe much of my productivity to her. Therefore I am a firm believer in #adoptdontshop.

For a short time, I also took two kittens under my care. They were abandoned not far from my parents' home, and we named them Mesi (like 🍯) and Mars (like the 🪐). Kismet learned to care for them through trial and error, and we managed to find a forever home for both kitties.

From left to right: Kismet, Mesi and Mars.

conlangs 💬

In high school, I created a small constructed language called Ming'li. Initially, it was a part of a research project, but to be honest, I simply used it as an excuse to live out my nerdy dreams. Despite that, this experience turned out to be quite valuable for learning more about Linguistics. I went on to publish the paper in Akadeemiake, a students' academic journal, and present a poster at the first-ever Estonian Students' Science Fair (2015).

Here's a younger me trying to set up my poster at the science fair.

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