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Curriculum vitae

Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics

University of Tartu

Jakobi 2-431, 51005 Tartu

projects 📁

Teismeliste keel Eestis (TeKE)

Since 2020 I've been part of the research team at TeKE (short for "Teismeliste keel Eestis"). The project aims to collect spoken and chat data on youth language and create a systematic corpus that can be used for future research projects.

Rootsieesti teismeliste keelekasutus (RETK)

As part of my dissertation, I've set up a website in order to find informants for my study as well as introduce the project to a more general audience.

Noorlingvistide keeleklubi (NLKK)

Starting from 2023, I'm going to help run a linguistics club at my university, targeted for high school students. Each month we get together to explore a subtopic of linguistics.

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